The inspiration for these art quilts came when I was sorting through the discarded samples, new technique tryouts, hand painted fabric scraps and precious pieces left over from larger works. Then I rediscovered fragments from long forgotten projects and those collected during my travels. This material was all recombined and turned into a series of small but consistent quilted collages measuring 20 x 28 cm/8 x 12 inches. They are quilts because each work is composed of three separate layers stitched together. Textural images of this format can be laid on any surface apart from a wall. These collages were a viable excuse to take time off to create one by one a body of works with limited means and focussed attention. They were begun in June this year and the 35 shown are part of an unfinished series of 50 intended pieces. Although I prefer making larger pieces these scaled down images were great fun to create.