The gallery is divided into seven main sections, which are accessible via the navigation bar on the left. To properly convey the appearance of the exhibited pieces, they weren't compressed to the maximum extent, but only as far as possible without loosing too much image quality.
The bigger sections are further divided into subsections to ensure a more acceptable loading time.
  The main sections of the gallery are:  
  1 - embroidered constructions (3 pages)  
  2 - collage  
- quilted constructions  
  4 - chogakpo (3 pages)  
  5 - table jewels  
  6 - wallpanels  
  7 - cushions  

For some pieces close-ups are available. Those are marked by an , through which they can be reached.

  Stitching done on an artista 180 sewing machine kindly loaned to me by Bernina (Schweiz) AG, Aarburg